Those who have entered into loans with banks to purchase residential properties since 2011, are about to encounter difficulties. Since 1995 banks in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, have been making massive and obscene profits from providing finance to property purchasers. These banks have cared little about the lending practices adopted by them, and reckless lending has brought about huge and unsustainable increases in property prices.
These lending practices are now leading to problems for both intending buyers and existing owners of property, which will show through:
Real reductions in the realistic market values of residential property, due to market forces.
Increasing interest rates caused by world-wide credit squeezes on banks and the economy.
Difficulties in obtaining finance due to changes in the attitude of banks as well as credit shortages.
Variations to mortgage terms and conditions required by banks or regulators.
We believe that the banking industry and it's regulators have intentionally turned a blind eye to the irresponsible lending that has been taking place.

We also believe that lawsuits will now emerge as a consequence of lending practices in recent years, and we will be making bank customers aware of their rights in any proceedings. Our own bank customers that follow us through our Twitter account @bankcustomers are aware of our activities on their behalf.

All bank customers are invited to become subscribers to our regular information bulletins that will be available through email to our subscriber base. There are no charges or obligations to any of our subscribers to participate in receiving facts and information from us. We are not lawyers and we do not represent any parties other than bank customers that join our subscriber base.
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